Heirloom & Bespoke

The finest there is

We offer you sartorial surgery. A perfect blend of

inherited hand made craftsmanship and timeless style.

We incorporate your personal style in your suit,

expressed with top-tier cloth, canvassed

construction and solely made with the

best materials to honor our tailoring.

Our signature is our milanese buttonholes,

that each take roughly 8 hours to complete.

Our name's meaning

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, however anyone

will instantaneously notice the level of dedication

put into making your suit.

Our name Heirloom & Bespoke is derived from our

century old tailor traditions, in which we are heirs.

Our heirloom.

Bespoke is the way of craft. A H&B suit is like no other.

Not only shaped after you, and thus unique, but also

uniquely crafted. We make bespoke garments.

Suit features

Entirely hand-made

The Fit

Complementing fit for your body, which ensures a crisp silhouette

Fully hand-made full canvas construction

The Materials

Fabric stock from several world-renowned European cloth mills

Horn and mother of pearl buttons hand-fastened by silk thread

The Technique

Hand-made details from century old tailor traditions, including Milanese buttonholes

Hand-rolled lapel to give it that "pop"

The Fittings

Fitting, as in plural. A skeleton baste, 2nd fitting and the final fitting

Global service means, that our tailoring team meets you wherever you are